Sexy Open Back Wedding Dress

Open back wedding dress prevails on today' s wedding fashion arena. Seen as a splash of smash hit, these dress styles are now a hip trend for glamorous style statement. For you brides to be, it is really vital to look beautiful from every conceivable angel. So does your dream dress. If you are looking for some clean, modern styles to get dressed up on your big day, look no further than open back wedding gowns to exude superb fashion.

Open back wedding dresses are the new ultra-romantic wedding trend for 2012. Depending on how low cut you want your dress, they can be incredibly sexy and classy all at the same time. Most of the open back wedding gowns that I have seen incorporate a lot of lace into their designs. Lace gives the dress a more modest, timeless look without making it look like the back of a swimsuit.
Open back wedding dresses look best with your hair pulled back, thus showing off the intricate and unique design in the back of the gown. With this type of wedding dress, it is the back you want to show off, after all!

And this type of wedding dress I think is rather suitable for a beach wedding or a summer wedding, especially with lighter materials such as chiffon or organza. Here is one thing you should keep in mind is that before your big day, please take care of your back, for example you can have some back maintenance in a beauty shop. Then you can have a white smooth back when wearing the open back wedding dress on your wedding day. 


Pearl Wedding Jewelry For Your Wedding

Wedding is matter of joy and excitement for wedding couples. Every bride-to-be wants to show her best condition on the wedding day, no matter her hot figure, charming face or the elegant dresses. With the hope to have a good look on your big day, you cannot neglect the importance of jewelry. Sometimes, a piece of necklace will become the crowning touch of your whole look. Among so many different jewelries, pearl is always a good gift for giving to a bride to her wedding.

There are many pearls that can be used at the wedding, such as jewelry Akoya, South Sea and freshwater pearls for the female wedding party. There are also hair jewelry that can be used on the big day, as well as sets of necklaces. There are also inexpensive mother of pearl, and simulated pearl wedding jewelry.

This traditional wedding jewelry is more popular than ever, adding with brides of all styles of pearl jewelry to complete your entire wedding. Apart from looking fabulous, with a string of pearls on the wedding day was to bring always been known for good luck and promised to years of happy marriage.

Pearl wedding jewelry is a popular choice because pearl jewelry is eternal and elegant.  Pearl makes a wonderful gift for brides and can be transmitted by the family for generations.


Vintage Wedding Dresses--A Chic Style of Fashion

We often say that just like people's life, fashion also transmigrates year by year. What was considered out of fashion is now finding its place in fashion catalogs. The Vintage look still fascinates and most boutiques take extra care in putting up and actually keeping in a separate stock of Vintage wedding dresses.

Thinking about your wedding full of inspriation and glamous? Perhaps you are expecting an evening party with soft music, sparkling champagne to set the mood. Your wedding dress needs to express both your personality and the mood of your wedding. Vintage wedding dresses have the magic to make you the most elegant bride and your wedding a romantic event as well as junoesque.

Vintage doesn't mean out of fashion, it is a reborn of new trend. Nowadays, more and more top brands prefer to add some vintage elements to their collections. And this trend has affected the wedding dresses field. Vintage wedding dress to make your body look lengthy as well as lean. Girls wearing a vintage wedding dress can surely send out the elegant and unique temperament.

So girls, do you want a vintage wedding dress? I'm sure it will bring you a lot of surprise.


Wedding Catering Tips

   There are some great moments on your wedding day, for example, you walking into the church with your father, your and your beloved swear an oath, and exchang your love rings. All of these seem so romantic. However, food tends to be one of the most remebered details of a wedding and should never be neglected. Here are some tips when your prepare your wedding catering.

1. Service is an extremely important element when choosing your caterer. Be sure to ask about the ratio of servers to guests.  One good rule of thumb is to have one server for every 8-10 guests.

2. Consider the dietary restrictions of your guests. Ensure that your menu is sensitive to various cultural and religious food restrictions of your guests and ensure that vegetarians, allergy sufferers, children and those watching their weight are catered for.

3. Check References! Many brides ask for references but never call them. Make at least TWO reference phone calls. Don’t by shy, remember — brides love to talk about their wedding!

4. If you are having a themed wedding, make sure that you co-ordinate your food accordingly. Why not have an exciting ethnic buffet at your reception? Chinese caterers will cook up a variety of a delicious oriental feast for your eyes as well as your stomach.


Hot Shape Training for Brides before Marriage

It seems that all brides before that big day want to lose weight. To be slim is always their goal. Whether you choose to go to the gym, have a run, or go on a diet, in short, your ideal weight always seems to a big difference from the actual. So, today, we will say something about losing weight efficientiy and healthily.

A good beginning is half done!
Make the balance of the relationship between fitness and healthy eating with your wedding schedule. Because it is likely your busy wedding preparations will derail your diet and fitness plan. In General, the appropriate schedules should be 20-60 minutes of exercise, 3-5 times a week. You can do it alone, and of course, it is better to have him by your side.
You should also pay attention to your diet and exercise. If you are sitting at your desk for a whole day, out for lunch and just watching TV after work, you should actively strengthen the exercise and adjust your eating habits. Start small movements that can be done easily, 2 times a week. Adhere two weeks later, you will be able to increase to once a week. After wo weeks, add another time to keep your intensity and gradually increase.
You can also consult the fitness coach and let them help you develop reasonable healthy diet plan to ensure you get enough vitamins, protein and calories. Your slimming programme should not be at the expense of health, so many advices of professionals will make you yield twice the result with half the effort.

Develop a target!
Weight loss seems to be the standard for bride slim, but it is not the only standard. Compact look is also very important, especially when wearing wedding dresses. Keep records to remind yourself of how to achieve goals and keeping the effect is most important.

Maintained a good exercise plan!
Once you've set the goals, you can ask a professional coaching to help you check. Their training will be very strict, and motiviates your emotions well to make the movement effect very obvious.Of course, you don't have to be with them every day. Ask them to help you with some new actions or adjust the exercise program every week or every two weeks will be ok. Doing so can save you the expense, but you must consciously take the initiative without the coach.
Apart from boring exercise, some interesting course or activity may even inspire your desire for sport such as dancing, hiking, bike riding and other activities.

Five Best Honeymoon Destinations Around the World

  Wedding is the biggest occasion in a girl's life for we move on to another stage with our beloved ones. Though wedding is so important to us, we more expect the honeymoon since it is the most romantic and sweet period in
our whole life. Here, I'd like to recommend five best honeymoon destinations around the world.
                                                                No.1 Paris, France

  No.2 Roman, Italy

                                                                 No.3 Venice, Italy

                                                               No.4 London, England

                                                            No.5 Florence, Italy


Bride's Accessories for Various Styles

Every bride or their styling consultant when choosing wedding dresses, gowns, and matching jewelry will take into account what kind of style you belong to. Regardless of the fashion trend, personal style is forever.

Fresh and Elegant
Vitality is a magic weapon to these brides.Because they are young, mostly white and delicate skin luster, so they do not need too many embellishments. Both the wedding and the accessories are pursuing natural refreshing effect, their bright smile is the most beautiful decoration. On the choice of colors, fresh and elegant against the color of skinof naturally is beat, such as yellow and green. But summer pop pure color is no longer suitable for the fall and winter, it needs to join gray or brown.

Style Advice: yarn or silk material mix of belly band or Greece's design
Jewelry: simple and streamlined design, such as small flowers or style of campus

Retro Gorgeous
In magnificent stately wedding sites during like palace of wedding ceremony, these brides are eager to be the focus.So, big bright colors and shiny jewelry elements to dress up like a star will be warmly welcomed by them. Gold,light purples and sapphire blue are tailor-made colors for them. They can show grace and luxury on their bodies.

Style Advice: emperial style of wedding dress and multiple layers of complex hand sewing beads embroidery skirt with gold wire edge
Jewelry: sophisticated design and luxurious materials

Graceful and Intellectual
These brides are confident and independent. But whether it is precious jewellery or fashion fabric, fit is always the selection criteria for this type of bride. It is their lovers beautiful love song to win her heart rather than wedding path to be covered with roses.

Style Advice: clean and wrapped around a slinky long fishtail skirt
Jewelry: fashion with a sense of urban design.


Four Points to Make Perfect Model for White Yarn

For wedding photography, white yarn is required for every couple. Dim romantic aesthetic dress up mix of white yarn is the dream of every girl. Because every bride has her own unique appearance, temperament, size, age, style and different requirements,so even the white yarn design, can have a great difference.Shape changes of white yarn are according to the style of white yarn of. So  do take into account the following aspects:

Make-up: Due to clothing color is light, so makeup surfaces must be clean and neat under normal circumstances. Makeup should be naturaland soft, so choose nude makeup to avoid strong colors. At the same time, about eye shadow pigment, light colour can be selected. If photoed outdoor, exaggerated false eyelashes can be used, but trimmed and converge with the real eyelashes naturally.

Hairstyle: White yarn hair style should be simple, elegant, natural, however, because of differences in style and positioning, so the hair can be simple in front of small changes on the basis of the local, such as change of fringe.Outdoor, you can let people put long hair, simple and lightweight or side wear with flowers, natural and fresh.


Tiara: Headdress can be selected according to the costume effect, such as crown, flowers, made of capitatum, and mantilla.

Accessories: Jewelry made of pearls and diamonds, rarely match color ornaments, are simple and beautiful. You can choose gloves according to the length of sleeves length. Fabrics of glove should match with clothing. If you want the shawl, silk,satinand fur may be better to highlighting women's elegance,and nicely with white yarn luxury feel.


Desigher: Five Tips to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Shoes

Aruna Seth is a famous brand of wedding shoes, popular for its elegance and dignified routes, which is wild welcomed by brides. Experienced shoemaking designers also give five tips on the selection of wedding shoes. Today, let us come to learn how to choose the perfect wedding shoes!

Tip 1: Choose your favorite style.
Choose your favorite style, which is the one you can not hold on saying “wow” at the first glance .To have a sense of elegant and comfortable, the shoes will give you a good feeling and confidence.

Tip 2: To be comfort is the key.
When you are selecting shoes, ask ourselves two questions: can I put these shoes on and can be walking elegantly?Will this pair of shoes will make me comfortable all day ?It is important to practice walking with them before the wedding, but simply put on on your wedding day.

Tip 3: Consider wedding dress style.
During the selection of wedding shoes, be sure to take consideration into the style of wedding dress,especially the dress length.So, before buying shoes, wedding dresses be choosen first. Then, wear shoes to see where the dress should be cropped.

Tip 4: The heel height should be apporiate.
It is best to select the height that you used to, if you want to challenge yourself harder to control the height. You may be very uncomfortable at the wedding.So, practice more before the wedding is very important! What’s more, consider the height of the groom, avoiding less-coordinated screen appears on the photo is also very important.

Tip 5: Add some highlights.
To make your shoes different, you can make the color of your shoes to match your bridesmaid dress color or color echoes of bouquets. So your wedding photos will have highlights to make the picture more clear.


Strapless Wedding Dress -- Choice for Plump Ladies

Today, I will introduce a typical type of dresses for some plump brides -- strapless wedding dress. Strapless wedding dress is a very fashion design which is full of modern flavour. Nowadays females are more open-minded and more willing to show their beautiful figure. For this reason, strapless wedding dress without any cover of the neck and shoulders become more and more popular with the time passing by.

Strapless wedding dress can attract people's sights to the distinct collarbones and plump breasts of a bride. So this neckline is more suitable for plump brides rather than skinny brides. Then comparing to sexy V-neck wedding dresses, strapless wedding dresses seem to be more graceful and modest.

Concretely, strapless neckline can be divided into two categories, straight neckline and sweetheart neckline. Either one can make the breasts line look higher and more centralized. So strapless wedding dress is a functional wedding dress style and is welcomed by plump brides who want to have a nice appearance of the upper part of their bodies. Their is anther tip for wearing strapless wedding dress that the dress must be very tight and fit the body completely.

Strapless wedding dress is a perfect choice for you plump brides.How do you feel about the strapless wedding dress? Are you eager to have a try? Put the eager into practice!


The Modern Fashion--V-Neck Wedding Dress

Nowadays, it is a common sense for us that v-neck dress is a symbol of sexy and  fashion. we can see a lot of movie stars or singers wear a v-neck dress to show their beauty when taking part in a party. And now, the application of v-neck in wedding dress is much more than before. So many brides can have a more choice to show their best on their wedding day.

In the past, people may cannot appreciate the v-neck wedding dress in that we were too conservative in that time. However, with the fast development of economy and culture, people's concept have changed a lot. A large number of girls dare to try some untraditional wedding dress to show their hot figure and happiness, and v-neck wedding dress is among the first choice of course.

V-neck wedding dress can be halter or strap. While, no matter which kind of style it is, v-neck can fully express a bride's sexy, beauty, elegant and passionate.When wearing a v-neck wedding dress, you are sure the most attractive bride in the world. 

So, lovely girls, do you want a special v-neck wedding dress to decorate your dream wedding.