Enchanting Red Wedding Dresses

What's your bridal gown color? The most answers may be "white". However, in the eastern countries, white is not so popular in the past because it means unlucky. Now white wedding dresses are widely accepted all across the world, but bridal gowns in other colors also come into brides' eyes. So, do you consider the red wedding dress?

Red reminds people of enthusiasm, fire, rose and enchanting things. Wearing a red wedding dress must be quite eye-catching especially among those ladies who wear white or light color dresses. Wearing a beautiful red wedding gown accentuates your confidence and independence. The color red also signifies romantic love and what could be more appropriate for your wedding? Whether you love it or hate it, the red wedding gown is here to stay. Why not have a try to make yourself be enthusiastic, be fire and be enchanting.


Beatriz Mateos Spring 2013 Bridal Collection

Have you noticed the Beatriz Mateos Spring 2013 Bridal Collection? You must be excited and attracted by these charming vintage style wedding dresses.

Beatriz Mateos Spring 2013 Bridal Collection
This bridal gown use the classic black and white, which forms a strong contrast, giving you a massive sharp visual impact. The big bowknot at back is the highlight of this wedding dress. Strapless a-line design makes the overall dress more elegant.

Beatriz Mateos Spring 2013 Bridal Collection
This wedding dress adopt lavish lace fabric and organza. Lace overlay bodice gives us a dreamy feeling, and the fluffy skirt enhance this fantasy feeling. However, the lace high-collar design reminds people of the mid-century ladies. Yes, this design shows a little vintage feeling. For those who have dreamed of being a princess or the beautiful ladies in the past century, this style is a right choice.

Beatriz Mateos Spring 2013 Bridal Collection
One-shoulder design always has a chic look, and this style is not excluded. This one-shoulder bridal gown is more attractive because of the big bowknot at one shoulder. The bowknot made of taffeta is very bright, and this smooth heavy fabric makes the bowknot much more graceful. No matter what is your character, you will be instant elegant and generous wearing this wedding dress.

Following are some other styles of wedding dresses, you can find the one you like best.

Beatriz Mateos Spring 2013 Bridal Collection


Fabrics of Wedding Dresses

When preparing to buy a wedding dress, not only its style, but also its fabric should be taken into consideration. Wedding dress fabrics mainly includes satin, thick satin, silk, lace, taffeta, organza and chiffon. Following are some knowledge about fabrics of bridal gowns. 

 Lace: lace is usually used as decoration at the fringe of dresses, and sometimes it's also large scare used at dress body and hemline. With beautiful design, unique technology, fine processing, slight embossed effect, lace feels more gentle and is very expensive.

Chiffon: chiffon is a lightsome fabric which has the features of silk, flexible and soft. It looks refreshing and cool, more suitable for summer wearing. 

Silk: This elegant fabric is suitable for grace the ornate royal wedding design, but its price is quite expensive, and it's easy to wrinkle so that need carefully taking care of. 

Satin: satin is a heavy fabric, draped well with pure color. Taffeta: The feature of taffeta is feeling light and smooth,easily printed on waterlines or other floral patterns, suitable for summer and autumn wearing. 

Organza:It's more light and elegant, very thin and transparent. Besides, it feels a little stiff, which is often used as the ball gown dress material. Its price is relatively cheap. 

Flannel: It's easily to shape lines, giving people a noble, mysterious and warm feeling.


Clean & Fresh Blue Wedding Dresses - Blumarine 2013 Bridal Collection

Blue has an important position in the Western-style wedding, something blue has become an integral part of the bridal decorations. An elegant blue wedding dress can perfectly enhance the purity and nobility of "goddess". Blumarine2013 wedding dresses select the ice blue as main color, which is fresh and pure, win the hearts of many brides.

 Elegant ice blue under a thin layer of white chiffon seems more fresh. The side layered folds design easily creates a noble temperament.

Without whole body blue, dotted with some blue tones, such as belts or lace woven flowers against the background of white gauze, two color contrast is even more delightful.

 The blue silk vaguely revealing a faint printing seems more elegant and quiet.

Blue tones bring out the lace woven flowers, making it looks like snowflakes, holy and pure. As long as the simple style matches proper color, it will create extraordinary temperament.

This is a goddess wedding dress. Smooth silk with light chiffon, the superposition of the two fabrics in the upper body, shapes proud bust. The smooth satin skirt makes the body shape more attractive.


Lazaro-The Pronoun of Classic and Gentle

Lazaro is the New York Wedding Dress Designer Lazaro Perez's brand. She once said, an immortal design is with unlimited concise, use colorful cloth to perfect tailoring, and with romantic, elegant and modern temperament.
The collection of Lazaro is with glamorous style, dramatic silhouettes and rich embroidery,and because of these,Lazaro become one of the most excellent and sought-after bridal labels in the world.
In 2012 autumn and winter collection, the excellent wedding dresses never give you the massive feeling, the shaped mermaid gowns, wide open silhouette, folds of  stereoscopic flower decoration all like fairy tale. Several pink wedding gowns add sweet temperament, and exquisite jewelry also make the overall more perfect.If you are prefer luxuriant and dreamy style, will you be moved by the princess bride walking from the fairy tales.


2013 Wedding Dress Trends


Although the wedding dress is original in the European royalty, and once the majestic momentum style is main trend among brides, now with the development of times, especially under the re-creation of the many outstanding designers, wedding dress has a more and more casual trend. With the principle that being comfortable and natural is the most beautiful, wedding dress gradually turn from the tediously long and heavy style to the comfortable and easy style.


Light sensitivity and visual feeling of lace are always the focus of the whole bridal gown. In addition to the special texture of lace, its pattern can also be a highlight for different patterns can always bring out different bride's grace. Lace is often combined with hollow design, which case a intoxicating looming scenery.


Back is also an important place. Reasonable and moderate exposure not only does not seem exaggerated, but also reflects the bride relaxation grace. However, before wearing the backless wedding dress, bride must take good care of her back so as to have a graceful charm, instantly capturing the hearts of all beings.


Getting married is the symbol of a girl turning to be a woman, so the bridal gown should be coordinated with bride's identity. Fairy mermaid bridal gown is a good choice. It can reflect the body curves perfectly and the mermaid skirt shows a fairy feeling.


Are You Going to get Married in Winter?

What to wear in winter my be the puzzled question for brides and bridegrooms. The brides who are going to marry at late autumn and winter have to consider weather factors. Long sleeves, costly fur shawls or with small gloves are good choices for brides. If you decide to get married at winter, it is impossible to keep beauty and warm at the same time. In order to keep warm, some brides gave up beautiful marriage gowns, it is really a pity.
In fact, brides can wear strapless wedding gowns at winter, the best way is to match a appropriate shawl. Thus the bride can not only maintain the charm, but also resist the cold and add a little luxuriant sense. Pay attention, do not use fabric like silk, satin or tulle, you'd better use comfortable and thick fabric like acrylic cotton, velvet.
The last point is about accessories, in order to highlight the the overall effect of luxuriant, a good option is wear large crown or complicated accessories; if the bride need hand bag, choose the bag with precious stones; when to choose veil, pay attention to you integral collocation, veils with lace and embroidery; high waist boots would be the right choice for winter wedding.
All these will help you becoming a attractive bride even in cold weather. You will not only have an impressive dresing but also keep warm of yourself.


Nine Tricks for Trying on Wedding Dress

Wedding dresses for brides are quite different from the daily clothing. Although many brides know something about wedding dresses, few of them will learn about trying on bridal gown. Now here we offer some tricks for trying wedding dresses.

1.On the trying day, brides had better wear a dress with front opening which is easy to put on and put off. Besides, the underwear should be skin color or white, otherwise the dark color underwear will be very unsightly. 

2.When seeing wedding dress samples, you must understand your wedding style and avoid weaknesses to choose a wedding dress which can perfectly highlight your advantages. 

3.Measurements usually mean the size of a woman's chest waist and hips. Remember do not eat too much before measure your size in case it destruct the stomach and waist lines, affecting the accuracy. In addition, the bride should also put down the size.

4.Be patient on the dress trial on. You should grasp clearly the advantages and disadvantages of your own body. Do not be confused by a romantic or gorgeous dress. After selecting a favorite style, date can be finalized.

5.There's a great difference between bride's daily wearing and the bridal gown, so brides who have never worn wedding dresses must turn to professional servicemen for advice and then try on. 

6.To cover the shortcomings of the body shape, brides can wear thick padded brassieres, girdles and other embellishment to beautify figure. If you want to thicken the pad, ask bridal salon to attach it to the bridal gown rather than "embedded" in the chest. Besides, you should be equipped with a pair of shoes of equal height of wedding shoes in order to measure the exact length of the skirt body.

7.Before try on the bridal gown, you ought to clear up your body hair, and moisturize your neck and hand.

8.After wearing the wedding dress, it suggest that you pull up the surface of the skirt and put bottom skirt layer properly. You can ask your family for help to avoid the skirt become uneven.

9.Tightness of bridal gown should also be paid attention to. When trying on the wedding dress, you can walk, sit and hold your hands up in case that the dress itself is too narrow, easily burst open.