Wedding Toast

Wedding toast is a traditional custom for the wedding reception. There is a story of the origin for the wedding toast. Once upon a time, a host of a reception invited his enemies. For showing the relief to discard past grievances, he poured from a common pitcher and sipping the wine to prove no poison. He and the leader of enemies slipped the wine into each other's glass to show the trust. Now the toast in wedding means congratulations and best wishes to the newlyweds.

In the wedding reception, everyone can toast for cheering up. But the main four persons to speak are the father of the bride, the best man, the groom and the maid of honor.

Wedding toast

The father of the bride is often the first one to toast. He needs to toast for all wedding guests, to wish his daughter's sweet marriage and to welcome the groom become the new member in his family. Saying something about his family and some happy jokes are also popular.

The groom's toast is next his father in law. His toast stands for both himself and his wife. Usually, he will thanks for the love from his wife, the support from the bride's family, his own family and close friends. Thanking for wedding guests coming to his wedding is proper, as well as their wedding gifts and congratulations.

The best man often toasts behind the groom. He will share experiences with the groom in a funny and heartfelt mood. He will additionally wish the newlyweds and set the tone for the rest of the wedding reception. The bride and the groom's families and all wedding guests will be praised for creating such a remarkable memory.

After the best man speaks his toast, the maid of honor will say something about the relationship she and the bride. This toast should be short and must get the point, because everyone is weary of speeches. After she wishes the bride and groom all the best for their future, it's time for free speeches.


Practical and Personalized Wedding Gifts

Wedding gifts are indispensable on someone's big day. A good wedding gift will give a special and happy memory to bridesmaids and wedding guests. It will additionally gain the praise from those present. Now I'll show your some popular wedding gifts which rank in the top.

Wedding bags are favorites among bridesmaid and lady guests. Bags can be designed by your own idea, be printed as what your guests like. Using colorful bags as your kindly wedding gifts is smart. There are messenger bags and tote bags for your choices. The former is affordable, practical, and can be customized with the name of the bride and the groom or other styles. The latter has the same feature as the former, but is more popularized in bridal parties for its colorful system. Don't miss the cosmetic bags, which are trendy for women guests and bridesmaids. Compact mirrors, jewelry along with these bags are nice choices for you.

Cufflinks and baseball caps are perfect choices for your men guests. You can see their nice shapes in more and more wedding parties. Those young men who wear baseball caps and take cufflinks talk with the beauties in wedding parties and move their bodies in dance floor. They really like the gifts and enjoy themselves.

Picture frame is a traditional and classic wedding gift, but never out of date. With some trendy and modern elements, picture frame can also be attractive. There are lots of styles and designs. That's why it is always among the hottest wedding gifts. And it suits for both women guests and men guests.

Picture frame
There are other wedding gifts applied in both bridesmaids and groomsmen. Personalized tank tops and T-shirts with wedding vows, quotes, and funny scrawl increase their popularity these years. Vases, figurines and flasks with vibrant colors and different styles are proper when you give them to your guests.

wedding T-shirts
No matter which type you choose for wedding gifts, classic, trendy, traditional or modern, you must flower these three words---affordability, practicality, and customization. Your special wedding gifts will evoke the power form the old memory after a long time of your fancy nuptials.


How to Meet Requests from Wedding Guests

If you think your wedding guests are so easy to handle by food and drink, you are making a big mistake. In term of each guest's special and different requests, how to satisfy them at most you can is a tough task, no matter you are a skilled wedding planer or an unknown bride or a still childish groom. Well, I'd like to share some tips for cheering up your wedding guests.

1) Enough and various food and drink. Food and drink should be adequate. Take vegetarians and those with food restrictions in considerations. If your menu is designed by yourself, preparing some normal dishes can give your guests who have no interest on your special dishes another option.

2)Renting portable restrooms is important to your outside wedding, such as beach wedding or backyard wedding. If you place the wedding venue in a restaurant, make sure the wedding location has enough capacity and good quality in the bathrooms.

3) Pay more attention on your wedding details to make your guest comfortable. As the host and the main role on your big day, you should think more for the guests. If you have an outdoors wedding ceremony or reception, prepare umbrellas, sun shields. For your summer wedding, stocking enough ice and using nonmetal chairs is good. Having wraps and blankets on your winter wedding is also sweet and warm. Protecting the old and the young is a way to avoid some accidents on the blissful day. Employing some reputable women to look after babies or little children can free the guests who have to take their children and let them enjoy your wedding party. What's more, if your wedding is out of your local town, why not reserving discounted rooms for your guests?

4) Don't forget the Entertainment part in your wedding. Keep your dance floor open. Hiring a live band and a skilled DJ can increase the entertainment atmosphere. But troubling your guests by asking them to wear weird or indecipherable clothing, like gothic, is a bad idea.

The Longest Wedding Dress In the World

September 22, 2011 was Elena's big day. That day was additionally a remarkable day for the bride's hubby, close friends, relatives, as well as the strangers in Casal di Principe, Italy. That's because the white wedding gown dressed by Elena had 3000 meters length.
Her wedding dress attracted the residents lived in Town Casal di Principe. Hundreds of girls and their moms helped the bride lift her wedding trail along the way to the church. That image was grand. Her wedding dress was designed by Gianni Molaro and used 6000 meters silk. This special wedding dress had broken the Guinness Book of Records and became the longest wedding dress in the world.


According to the concept of the designer, this wedding dress stood for peace and hope. The designer felt honor and said:" there are lots of persons to admire my design on the way to church. This is one of the important moments in my design career."


Some Tips for Hosting a Fancy Wedding on a Limited Budget

People always spend much time and money on their own weddings for wedding's important meaning. If you are in the middle class, I advise you need a good economic plan about your wedding. On the modest budget, how to make good use of the limited money is a big question. My friend who is a skilled wedding planner told me something useful tips about this problem when I asked her about my best friend's wedding details. Now I prefer to share with you.
Cheap wedding tools are better than the pricy wedding planner. Hiring a wedding planner cost much of your earnings. In the market, you can find many useful tools to reduce your wedding cost. Books or magazines about wedding, wedding news online, cheap wholesale markets are available. You can find the perfect wedding dress, wedding table settings, wedding cakes and other details. Just make a list about goods and each price, and ask separate cost and find the highest cost performance.

Choose cheap but amazing place to have your own nuptial. Wedding venue will need high price if you have an overseas wedding on Bali Island or other fancy locations. How about small wedding chapel, your family church, City Park or the yard in your own house? These places are familiar to you and having a wedding in those places will save your money on the transport fee of wedding tables, foods, drinks and etc. If wedding ceremony and wedding reception are in the same place, your purse will smile. This behavior will additionally avoid your noble guests come back and forward between your wedding places for taking a vow and having the reception.
In term of food and drink, you can buy them online or make them by yourselves. You can let your guests write their favorite dishes and meet their requests on your budget. A dinner buffet, brunch, and light lunch are cheaper than formal evening dinner. So choosing your wedding time before evening is better.
Of course, there are other suggestions for wedding details. You can use your iPod or CD to play your wedding music. Inviting a wedding band or a DJ is expensive. DIY your wedding invitations, wedding gifts and wedding cakes are also helpful.
With all the preparations, no doubt you will have a fancy wedding with bulging pockets.


Outer Space Wall Stickers Make Your Home Unique

Outer space is a mysterious field to human beings, especially to those cute young children. There is an easy way to pull the distant area near to your kids' sights. Yeah, you got it. I mean decorating your kid rooms with outer space wall decals. No better methods than my suggestion can create breathtaking walls filled with rockets, spaceships, planets, and astronauts. There is no doubt your kids will enjoy themselves in the star-filled galaxy of adventure which you made with outer space wall stickers.
outer space wall decals
Outer space wall decals can turn your boring and common bedrooms to dramatic and fantastic ones. At first, painting your entire room with a dark color dyestuff perfectly shows the vastness of space and leaves the best background for putting spaceships, aliens, planets and rockets. Vinyl wall stickers easily peel on and peel off without glue or adhesive and sticky residue. You can design the shape and size for your own house. For their removed and repositioned features, you can change the arrangement of galaxies or solar systems now and then.
outer space wall decals
Astronaut and spaceship styles are suitable for nursery wall stickers. These themed wall decals give your children an illusion of the outside window of a spaceship. The view of great arrays of planets and star systems must be attractive for your kids. It’s a magic to have a outer space trip in your kid rooms. Adding some Portholes and control panel wall stickers also enhance the myth.
Well, to create the whole outer space look, you still other tools, such as spaceship models placed in desks or hanging from the ceiling.
In the end, I'd like to tell you the place you can find the outer space wall stickers. Online stores carry a huge selection of outer space wall stickers. What's more, if you let your kids involved in the decorating process, it will be much more meaningful and remarkable.


Flower Wall Stickers

I guess there is no better tip to collect bright color and special designs and joy than flower wall stickers. Flower wall decals suits for kids room, living room and parents room. Dandelion, hibiscus and flower tree are among the most popular styles of flower wall stickers.

flower wall decals
Dandelion wall decals usually come in classic colors of light green and white. In design, there are classic and modern options. Dandelion is a wide theme for kids room and living rooms.

flower wall decals
Hibiscus wall decals widely used in adult bedrooms. Their bold design with brown, white and blue colors is special and modern. They are easily stickered on walls and also are removable easily. If you change the original color to pink and native orange, your will make a splash. Pink and orange hibiscus style which is used as nursery wall stickers is a nice way to bring life to your lifeless walls.

flower wall decals
Flower tree wall stickers are lovely for your chic and fashionable house. It has a gorgeous collection of flowers, trees and pets.

What's more, you can choose several types of flower wall decals to decorate your house. Changing your rooms to a flower garden can be easily lived up by various flower wall decals. Adding pets, birds and little girl themed wall decals is additional choice. Applying a solid color as floral beddings make your flower wall stickers match the interior's color palette throughout the room.

In term of layout, placing flower wall decals around the room creates an image that they are growing out of your base-board. Sticking smaller ones right above a dresser or a table keeps your children happy. Small flower buds at chair rail or around the ceiling also look beautiful.

Please remind wall decals are removable and reusable. Eco-friendly fabric flower wall decals keep both your baby and your other family members safe from harmful chemicals that hide in vinyl wall decals.


Dual-use Chalkboard Wall Decal

Wall stickers are not only for home decoration, but also used in write some message or draw cartoons on them. Yes, I refer to the chalkboard wall stickers. Cute designs like robots, butterflies can be applied in kid rooms. Other designs like people, music style can be used in living rooms or parents rooms. They are easily put on the wall and remove. You can say something in the chalkboard and change the words according to your mood. Now would you please confirm my introduction of some popular designs of chalkboard wall stickers?
Drummer Drums Chalkboard Wall Decal
Drummer Drums Chalkboard Wall Decal belongs to music style. Its simple and black style is attractive to art students or other art persons. If putting it as nursery wall stickers, no doubt your children will love it and maybe it will have a good influence to arouse kids music potentiality.
Skaters Chalkboard Wall Decal
Skaters Chalkboard Wall Decal is full of sports feelings. It suits for sportsmen, especially the skate fans. It looks very cool. What's more, you can write your sports plans on the chalkboard or stick some photos on it.
SHouse, Trees & Flowers Chalkboard Wall Decal
House, Trees & Flowers Chalkboard Wall Decal on your living room will help you earn guest's praise. If the wall is painted as pink, it seems to be more warm and lovely. Eating and drinking in such a comfortable atmosphere is enjoyable.
In addition, you can design your own chalkboard wall decals. Then find an online store perhaps named wall stickers Australia which offers making personalized chalkboard wall decals to realize your perfect home-decorated dream.


Pirate Wall Decals

With the popularity of movie "Pirates of the Caribbean", more and more people like the pirate style and prefer to add some wild pirate elements in house. Pirate wall stickers exactly satisfy those people's request.
Pirate Wall Decals
Pirate glass decals fit window decorations. Round arch type is beautiful and has an exotic feeling. You will cause a delusion that you are viewing the Caribbean through the window and pirates are shouting for your castle. You are excited and fighting for pirates to protect your princess.
Pirate Wall Decals
Pirate ship wall decals are giant and your children will like the kids wall stickers. It is large enough to full the whole wall. It will relieve your pressure of wall decorations.
Pirate Wall Decals
Swords and human skeletons stand for pirate. Swords and human skeletons wall stickers on your wall of bedroom is an good idea.
Pirate Wall Decals
Pirates map wall decal is additionally unique. Yellow and old maps with your new rooms are special and give your comfortable feelings.


Disney Princess Wall Decals

Disney Princess is often beloved in lots of girls' minds in their childhood. As the little girl grow up and has a daughter, why not use Disney Princess wall decals to decorate bady girl's bedroom. It will realize your once cartoon dream, and make your bady feel comfortable and happy.

Now I will put on some wall stickers about Disney Princess.
Jasmine Wall Decal
Belle Wall Decal  
Cinderella Wall Decal
Sleeping Beauty Wall Decal
Snow White Wall Decal  
Tiana Wall Decal
Memaid Ariel Wall Decal


Favorite glass sticker

Hello~everybody! How are you today? Hope you have a perfect day~ Now I perfer to introduce some kinds of glass decals. Glass decals often used in windows and they can also be sticked on walls, doors, other glass settings.

Leaves are classic style. Green leaves mean spring and summer; yellow leaves stand for autumn. Think about the image: a strange lady sitting beside the window of coffee bar. You see her pretty face through the window adorned with falling leaves. A little romantic, a bit drunk.The personal image is created by leaves glass decals, but you take in it by accident.

Ferris wheel wall decal
Making wishes in the feet of ferris wheel is many girl's dream. Now you don't need to rush to distant paradise to see it. Sticking ferris wheel on the window or empty wall, your romantic dream will easily come true. And this landscape just belong to you and your family.

Cloud and rain style glass decals are suitable for bathroom. In addition, water drop design is also unique and creative.

If you have the same hobby of walking in the countryside as me, you might also like endless field and shiny vegetables in your wall. Before you have more special house, you just need pick your favorite glass decals for your home decoration.


Hello Kitty Wall Decals

You won't feel strange about the classic and fictional character Hello Kitty. She was produced by the Japanese company Sanrio, first designed by Yuko Shimizu. Portrayed as a female white Japanese bobtail cat with a red bow, she earns people's crazy love and a great deal of business. Her lovely image is applied in many business areas, such as clothes, jewelry, handbags and so on. Here I'd like to say something about Hello Kitty wall decals.

Hello Kitty wall decal

To extend your likeness of Hello Kitty, you can stick her in your walls. Bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, washrooms are available. Besides walls, tables, doors, windows, even ceilings are good choices to place your lovely Hello Kitty. You can design your wall decorations according to the color basic. For example, if your bedroom's main color is pink, pink Kitty Cat wall decal is suitable. If you want more mature elements, black Kitty Cat fits your decoration theme very much.

No need to explain, wall decals are cheap and durable. After a few years, you may want to change another wall decal, and you just tear them off and stick another one. With your careful behaviors, it won't harm your walls and it leave a messy residue.

Hello Kitty wall decal

Of course, placing some decorations which match your hello kitty theme is available. Hello kitty clock, Hello Kitty table settings, sheets printing Kitty Cat are lovely and beautiful. If you wear Hello Kitty pajamas and hug Kitty toy, you are the Kitty in the real life. Actually, other daily essentials also show your lovely taste, including Kitty coffee cup, Kitty dishes, Kitty toothbrush, Kitty rugs and Kitty window curtains.

Ok, now you are surrounded by Hello Kitty. As your wish, be a princess kitty in the fairy fale which your weave personally.


Relax in Your Big Day

The pre-wedding period should be an enjoyable time for the soon-to-be married couple, because they will display their love in front of their family and friends. However, the pre-wedding period is also an especially stressful time. Stress may be too much for some future couples, and it is crucial that brides and grooms can take a step back and enjoy the process.

The symptoms of over-stress reactions include stomach aches, headaches, insomnia, poor concentration, moodiness, irritability, and extreme. Recognizing these signs of overload stress is helpful to cope with the problem.
Why the overwhelmed stress happens? Firstly, planning a wedding is a tough task. Bride and groom should make decisions of details, consider the aspect of expenses, expectations and new roles. Secondly, perfectionism about wedding arrangements is a big source of stress and is very common. Thirdly, if you are planning your second wedding, the problem of raising the children and arranging finance can also make you crazy.
How to relieve the over-stress for wedding? Good communication with your partner is a important way to make sure that your dream wedding come true. If you have enough budget, why not hire a wedding planner? He or she will handle many details for you wedding. If you're delegated some difficult tasks, it's ok to ask your partner, friends or relatives to help you. Select which tasks you really need to supervise personally and let experienced wedding services vendors carry some tasks.
Here is some ways to help you relieve your stress. You need adequate sleep, exercise every day, regular diet. Avoid taking in excess sugar, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, drugs, etc. Meditation is also a good way to recover you from overload stress. Avoid pushing yourself so hurry and spend some time on pleasurable activities.