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Veil of the wedding dresses

Many brides decide to wear veil on head when holding the wedding. Semi-transparent veil increase the mysterious but holy factors into the brides. In fact, veils can date back to 10 centuries BC. Brides took veils and corolla for religious reasons. Veil stood for youth and purity originally, while it represents holy and happiness. 

At bottom, veils are not necessary for a wedding today, but most brides intend to keep the beautiful and graceful decorating, especially when taking phones, because veils have its functions. Short veils can shadow the part in the face which is not perfect, while long veils can also hide some disadvantages of brides’ shoulders.

As a result, many brides prefer a wedding dress with veil. Veil matching is of its regular rules. At first, the length of veil should conform to the length of wedding dress. If the wedding dress is of floor length with no train, a long veil about 3 meters can form a subtil train behind you to strengthen holy and solemn feeling. If the wedding dress is long enough, the veil is better to be short.

Furthermore, layers of veil can present a smaller face, while monolayer veil stretch bride’s figure. So monolayer veil fits brides not slender, and layers veil is suitable for brides not tall enough. Commonly, veil is bundled at the root of a ponytail with the rest hair of ponytail dished up. Besides, veils can also cover the whole upper body to forge mysterious feeling.


Romantic Rustic Wedding Table Setting

Rustic weddings are famous for the fresh and natural feelings. Behind the remarkable air, I also smell something romantic among the aromatic fragrance from flowers, drinks and desserts. If you still believe rustic is meaning wild or something rude that is a total mistake! Now why not see something romance in wedding table setting to create a new rustic wedding.

rustic wedding 

rustic wedding 

rustic wedding 

rustic wedding 

rustic wedding 

rustic wedding 

rustic wedding 

rustic wedding 

rustic wedding 

rustic wedding 

rustic wedding


Rustic Wedding Bouquets for Charming Brides

Rustic wedding is attracted by many brides and grooms for its natural feeling. Far away from the noisy city and dirty air, hosting your own ceremony in such a fresh and strange spot is very dreamy for most girls.

Besides perfect bridal gowns and other details, you can not lose the sweet bouquets. I choose ten kinds of bouquets for rustic weddings. Hope you can find one below.

(Photos are from www.weddingbells.ca)

Rustic Wedding Bouquets 

Rustic Wedding Bouquets 

Rustic Wedding Bouquets 

Rustic Wedding Bouquets 

Rustic Wedding Bouquets 

Rustic Wedding Bouquets 

Rustic Wedding Bouquets 

Rustic Wedding Bouquets 

Rustic Wedding Bouquets 

Rustic Wedding Bouquets


D&G Gold Jewellery for Brides

In this winter, brides will not be afraid getting pale for these gold jewellery made by D&G, the famous and luxury brand in the world.

Among its extravagant designs, I prefer the latest gold five collections. Gold necklace and earrings are perfect for brides in winter. The classic hue of gold and black stands for ladies' femininity and elegance. It throws out the dulling feeling and grows the vibrant air. As its own salon said, the collection is "a wave of passion, a celebration of love".

With Gold cute, my brides also need other details, e.g. gold wedding dress, gold heels. What do you think of these gold and black collocations?

PS: Thanks for D&G sharing.


Categories for Wedding Themes

Any normal girl are dreaming her fancy wedding, even for some ladies who had married, still insist on having a unique and splendid wedding. Some dreamers imitate the ceremony weddings. Though the extravagant scene and strong celebrity wedding guests are hard to compare with the true celebrity weddings, some small chic wedding details and the style of wedding outfit can be considered as the references. Some would like to design the big day by themselves. Anyway, having a perfect wedding needs a correct wedding theme to cater to your real heart. Now let me say something about the wedding themes.

Wedding theme refers to the layout of your nuptial. Generally speaking, it can be classified by color system, season system, and location. And according to the cost used in the wedding event, it has two polar---simple style and extravagant style. Other wild and unique weddings exist in the big world, according to people’s creative thinking or local wedding customs.

Firstly, if easily to distinguish the main hue, it can be named as its main color. Now black and white wedding, pink wedding, rainbow wedding are popular. Rainbow wedding is famous as its colorful color and splashy visual effect.

Secondly, people are likely use four seasons to identify the wedding. There are spring wedding, summer wedding, fall wedding, and winter wedding. People choose their favorite season to celebrate their big event.

Thirdly, in term of wedding venues, wedding can be called as beach wedding, city wedding, rustic wedding, barn wedding, and garden wedding and so on. Of course, the popular cities and attractive places for traveling are good choices for wedding. Therefore, Thailand wedding, Bali Island wedding, New York wedding, Mexico wedding, Las Vegas wedding, etc appear. What’s more, in those beautiful cities and islands, hotel service is of high quality, which will cause the appearance of modern hotel wedding. 

At last, the wild or unique weddings are mostly from remote areas by local wedding tradition. For instance, the Miao Village wedding seems strange by its special wedding outfits and unique wedding steps. This wedding is related to the classic and old culture of Miao people in China. Other weddings show up because folk’s various interest, hobbies, and creative thoughts, such as Marathon wedding for runners, vampire wedding for Dracula fans, Eco-wedding for environmentalists.

Besides all weddings referred above, there are still other weddings in the global. No matter what your wedding theme is, planning detailed and enjoying your own nuptial are of the most importance.


Bling Bling Wedding

Girls love bling bling things for their nature, the same as the zeal for dreamy weddings.

How to prepare a bling bling wedding? Diamond, shining stones are necessary.

1)Wonderful bridal gowns with bling decorations

2)Shining crown, earrings, necklace, rings.

3)Glittering centerpieces, such bottles covered diamond.

 4)How about this flaring wedding car?



Wines for Your Autumn Wedding Menu

Following the cold weather, autumn is near the end. But later autumn wedding has the unique charm for those brides in custom wedding apparel and grooms who love this festival season. When fruits are mature, colorful pairing wines on menus will be featured at bridal cocktail hour stations.

Many persons doubt their guests have the ability to differ the difference between good wine and marginal wine. But if you attend one wedding, you will know the wisdom and nitpicking of your future wedding guests. So it is necessary to provide the best wine you can afford. What's more, if your wine exactly pairs with the current fascinating seasonal flavors, guests will be happy over drinking.


Sparkling wine is the best choice for toast. A flute filled with a pale golden bubbly wine or a bit more depth color wine is both fancy. But the latter one would match the cooler weather and stand up to heartier cuisine. Rose sparkling wine or Champagne, made from red grapes is the successful option.

Though white wine is delicious and relatively safe for its bright acidity and friendly to pair with lots of dishes, apple, pear, fig, pumpkin, and butternut squash themed wine matches the autumn wedding.

Red wine has the meaning of transition from the summer into the cooler months. It has enough brightness to pair with many dishes, including meats, poultry, and even some seafood, but a velvety texture perfect for a cool day or evening. Cabernet, Merlot, and Syrah based wines are special as their bolder reds which stand for life.

Picking wines for your own wedding happened in autumn is an enjoyable work. With your clever mind, you in bridal wedding gowns will be absolutely find the perfect one or groups for autumn wedding menus.


Luxurious Las Vegas Wedding

No doubt modern city Las Vegas is a perfect destination for tourists and a dreamy place for wedding ceremonies. It suits for wedding reception and severs the supermarket and shopping mall for brides and bridesmaids.

For the name of "sin city", Las Vegas is regarded as the legalized betting and prostitution, porn and accessibility to alcohol consumption. However it never has a negative impact on numbers of wedding parties held in the favorite location in United States. Each year, 120,000 nuptials are held in this city. It is really a fantastic city for sweet lovers to tie the knot swiftly and in a different way. All of us remember when NBA basketball superstar Dennis Rodman got married to Carmen Electra in 1998, at Las Vegas' Small chapel of bouquets.

Luxurious Las Vegas Wedding
In Las Vegas, it mostly has a bright day. In summer, the hot weather suits for cool beach weddings. If bride dresses in lengthy and extravagant gown, she will be sizzling and suffered. So choosing the right season and right custom wedding dresses are important. From May to September, the high temperature degree will smudge the bride's make up and melt the wedding cake, so having a evening ceremony seems wise.

Luxurious Las Vegas Wedding 

Why Las Vegas is so popular in young couples? The reason is that it has four advantages, that is, convenient, entertaining service, affordability and dreamy honeymoon. You can get all you need about wedding easily in Las Vegas. Every detail even the music band for your bridal party and flowers decorated your wedding occasions, expert in this city will help you to earn the luxurious but affordable weddings. There are many entertainments to enjoy your guests; night bars and balls are available.

After the exciting wedding, the newlyweds can have their honeymoon just in that chic location. Please pay attention that you'll need a marriage certificate for the wedding to be legally acknowledged in Las Vegas. Above all, take your custom wedding apparel and go wed!

Pumpkin + Hallooween + Wedding

Halloween has said goodbye to us. The blissful brides have become mature and happy wives. But to those brides and grooms saying "I do" at Halloween, and those elegant and charming bridesmaids and handsome groomsmen, Halloween themed wedding has become a symbol of joy and happiness. For the popular Halloween themed wedding to be all the rage, figures of pumpkin are to show frequently at weddings.

For a successful Halloween wedding, a haunted venue is vital to create a spooky mood and scared romance. Placing candles in carved pumpkins will enhanced the ghoul feeling and give some light to against the haunted occasion.


For brides, wearing an orange gown exactly match the pumpkin hue. Using some accessories with pumpkins designs is also creative. Changing the formal reception and bridal party to interesting masquerade ball is wise. How about catching the man who wear pumpkin mask? Pumpkin-like artworks can be applied as lovely gifts to guest.


The Knot suggests trying a "pumpkin-infused menu" with mini pumpkin tart appetizers, pumpkin bread and pumpkin butter. You can never go wrong with pumpkin butter. Or go with an apple theme, creating apple martinis, candied apples, and apple infused appetizers.

Mini pumpkins used to weigh down ceremony programs. Illustrated pumpkin-themed wedding invites by stationer Smudge Ink. Modern reception table numbers made with white pumpkins and brushed-metal house numbers.


Hollowed-out butternut squashes sever as centerpiece vessels for fall blossoms. Carved pumpkins make a cute save-the-date photo. A sweet engagement photo shoots at a local pumpkin patch. Nutmeg-pumpkin soup served in miniature scooped-out pumpkins. Escort cards pinned to miniature white pumpkins. A three-tier wedding cake decorated with haylike spun sugar and mini pumpkins

You Halloween themed wedding can be completely remarkable with pumpkins.


Dare to Eat the Wedding Cake Like a Full-sized Bride?

On 22nd September, the bride named Chidi Ogbuta of Allen, Texas had her own wedding in Dallas with her hubby. Her original and normal wedding made a magic for her weird wedding cake. All wedding guests were scared as soon as they saw the wedding cake was a full-size likeness of the bride. Look at their face, it was hilarious with eyes popping out of their heads. The wedding suddenly calm down and just hearing their talking by cell phone and seeing the flashlight by cameras.

Guest's responds couldn't get rid of the couple's happiness. Making a person-size wedding cake was Chidi's dream since she was a child. The bride born in Nigeria was intended to have a doll of person-size likeness of her, but it didn't come true. That's why she put her little dream in the wedding cake.

The weird stuff was tall of five feet and 4 inches. It was decorated by cake designer Nikki Jackson. When the designer heard the bride's weird thought, he advised her to give up the idea of something scared, but the bride insisted on making it. The "head" of cake was created by a Austin sculptor. After Nikki's 280-hour hardworking, the wedding cake was finished.

However, the tough task was not over after just finishing it. The cake was too huge to remove the door fame away to get it out. The bride was satisfied by her unique wedding cake and was happy to see her guests hesitating as seeing the cake. Of course, the part to cut the cake seemed terrible and was like a horror movie. But the couple declaimed they just treated the cake as a cake. And her guests finally got over from the replica, and enjoyed the wedding reception. That was funny when the little girl of the bride asked why her dear mommy was cut.


Wedding Toast

Wedding toast is a traditional custom for the wedding reception. There is a story of the origin for the wedding toast. Once upon a time, a host of a reception invited his enemies. For showing the relief to discard past grievances, he poured from a common pitcher and sipping the wine to prove no poison. He and the leader of enemies slipped the wine into each other's glass to show the trust. Now the toast in wedding means congratulations and best wishes to the newlyweds.

In the wedding reception, everyone can toast for cheering up. But the main four persons to speak are the father of the bride, the best man, the groom and the maid of honor.

Wedding toast

The father of the bride is often the first one to toast. He needs to toast for all wedding guests, to wish his daughter's sweet marriage and to welcome the groom become the new member in his family. Saying something about his family and some happy jokes are also popular.

The groom's toast is next his father in law. His toast stands for both himself and his wife. Usually, he will thanks for the love from his wife, the support from the bride's family, his own family and close friends. Thanking for wedding guests coming to his wedding is proper, as well as their wedding gifts and congratulations.

The best man often toasts behind the groom. He will share experiences with the groom in a funny and heartfelt mood. He will additionally wish the newlyweds and set the tone for the rest of the wedding reception. The bride and the groom's families and all wedding guests will be praised for creating such a remarkable memory.

After the best man speaks his toast, the maid of honor will say something about the relationship she and the bride. This toast should be short and must get the point, because everyone is weary of speeches. After she wishes the bride and groom all the best for their future, it's time for free speeches.